Friday, October 18, 2013

Exercising with the Kids

I can't always get in a run, but I try to keep up with a monthly challenge featured on the Women's Running Community Facebook page. This month it's a tricep challenge which also included planks.  Of course, without fail, anytime I am on the floor, my two year old decides it's the best time to climb on Mommy.  Have you tried to do planks with a two year old on your back? He was having way more fun that I was :)

I love that my kids see me exercise.  I want them to know that Mommy exercises so that she can be strong and healthy and I try very hard to not to mention weight or losing weight. I want them to equate exercise with being healthy and strong, not weight loss.  But let's be honest, I am constantly fighting the battle of the bulge.  I still have 6 pounds to lose to bring me to my pre-baby weight from my last pregnancy. I also know that I really should lose about another 20 to bring me to a "healthy" weight according to BMI.  While I struggle with my weight, I also know that I am more fit than I have ever been in my life. This year I completed TWO half marathons.  I run longer and farther than I ever have and I now eat to fuel my body for the next training run or work out.

I find great pleasure in going for a walk or run with my kiddos or have them join me in doing planks...even if I am the only one actually doing it while they are along for the ride ;)

Looks like fun, doesn't it?

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