Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Days of School

Both Boogie and Buggy started school this week. Boogie started first grade yesterday and Buggy entered the preschool world today starting in the 3's class.

Find comfort in Mama's bed
Boogie has been bouncing off the walls the past few weeks. He has been excitable and has had amazing energy. There didn't seem to be enough for him to do to exert all of his excess energy.  He finally brought it up on Thursday that he was a little nervous about school. I think that while he knew that he would be starting school again, not knowing the exact day or his teacher, it made him anxious. It helped immensely that we were able to check out the class lists on Thursday night. He knew his teacher and it helped that his kindergarten teacher is known for playing good-natured pranks with Boogie's new teacher.  We attended his school's open house on Friday and met his teacher. He was really pleased when she said she knew him and that she had seen him in Mr. S's class last year. He also had two former classmates in the same class. They were able to pick their seats and he chose to sit with them.  I am really excited to know one of the parents in the class. She and I got along really well last year and we were both happy to have our children in the same class again.

After meeting Boogie's teacher, Boogie was ready to go next door to see his kindergarten teacher and give him a big hug. Even Buggy gave Boogie's kindergarten teacher a hug. It made starting first grade a lot less scary. However, on Sunday night, I did find Boogie fast asleep in my bed when I finally climbed the stairs much later in the evening.  I guess he was more anxious than I realized. Hubby put him back in his bed and we prepared ourselves for having a first grader in the family.

Buggy and Lola on the way to Boogie's school
Boogie woke up early, ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, and dressed himself without having to be asked. He was so excited!  My mom came over to walk Boogie to school. The kids loved seeing her.

It was a great day and Boogie had so much to share with us when he came home from school. I think this will be another wonderful year. Thanks, Mr. S. for choosing a good teacher for our Boogie Man.

We finished Boogie's first day of school with a dinner of his choice made by Mommy and a trip to our favorite ice cream stand for dessert.

Today was Buggy's very first day of preschool. She is in a 3's class and has the same teacher Boogie had when he was three.  We love Mrs. E. and I love that she teaches that we make God #1 in our lives. Buggy was up one hour earlier than she had to be this morning. She was so excited to pull out her new book bag.  Hubby took the day off so that I could go with Buggy to her class. Her school requires that a parent stay with the preschooler for the first day and they ask that siblings stay home. So Hubby took the day off and he and Bananas walked Boogie to school while Buggy and I went to her school.  We started our morning with a yummy breakfast of caramel rolls and bacon and left in our separate directions. Buggy was a bit shy today, but advocated for herself twice when wanted more stickers to decorate her paper.  I loved that when I couldn't give her more stickers, she politely asked her teacher who was handing out more.  Buggy is excited to go again on Thursday and to go by herself. I think she will be just fine.

Buggy's first ever first day of preschool!
We will finish her special day with a dinner out at our favorite family restaurant and maybe a dessert. She was excited to be able to choose the restaurant to honor her first ever first day of school!

I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to juggle Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Boogie can be at school as early as 8:30 and Buggy needs to be at her school by 8:45. I think I'm going to have to put everyone in the car, drop off Boogie at the front of the school, keep on going and take Buggy to school. It will mean a lot of coordination and compliant children. It means that I will have to be on the ball and have everything ready each morning.  It means I'll have to be realistic and know that Buggy may be late a few times because things happen.  I'll have to cut myself a break when things don't go smoothly when we have very little wiggle room in our time frame.

I'm looking forward to the big kids starting on their new adventures and for some special one-on-one time with Mr. Bananas.  It's going to be a good year!

Super confident 1st Grader!

How we like to end the first day of school.

That backpack is bigger than Buggy!

Happy to be starting preschool.
Happy to be starting 1st Grade!


  1. Love the blog and how important education is in your lives! This will be a great year!
    The mysterious Mr. S

  2. Have a great school year. It sounds like you have reasonable expectations and that makes all things easier. Love you guys!