Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cooperative Play

The big kids are doing so well together. It makes so much easier with Hubby's travel schedule.  For Christmas break I bought the big kids a gingerbread house to make and decorate.  We never got around to it during break and I've been looking for a time in our schedule to make it.  A week ago Hubby had to travel and I wasn't expecting him home for dinner. I decided we would have an early dinner and the kids could get to it.  Hubby surprised us by being able to get an earlier flight home.  It was nice having him home and having a relaxing night with the kids.

I "glued" the house together with the icing, split up the decorative candy and let the kids have at it. I decided that I would let them do what they wanted with the house. If they asked for help, I'd give it, but I wouldn't dictate how the house "should" look.  It made for a low-key, no stress project.  They did a great job working together and creating a beautiful gingerbread house. It was so nice to see them working together, encouraging one another, and having fun.  I love that they are playing well together and are including Mr. Bananas when they play. I'm one happy Mama.

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