Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So Happy Together (well sort of and most of the time)....

Yesterday the kids played really well together. At one point I was folding and putting away laundry while B & B played by themselves in Boogie's room. They did really well together and played together for almost an hour. This is huge!  Usually Boogie finds Bug way too annoying and doesn't want to play with her. Although she just adores her older brother and always wants to be with him. Sometimes she purposely antagonizes him (what are little sisters for?) but most often she looks for approval and attention from him.

Last week I dropped off Boogie for a few hours at a day camp. Buggy cried all the home way and kept asking for him and even said, "Me camp, too. Me camp, too." I think it's going to be  quite a shock for her when he starts going to school next week. He will be going 4 half days a week in the afternoons. This might be too much for her. A welcome break for me, but too much for her to lose her favorite playmate.

Hubby and I have been really talking up the fact that the two of them will be moving into the same room in December. We've talked about mural ideas and matching beds and a girl side and a boy side. I think we've done such a great job that Boogie says that December is too far away and too long to wait.  He is looking forward to his little sis moving in.  When she realizes what it means she will be ecstatic!

As I write this, the two of them are in front of me racing cars on a track. They are playing happily together.  Yay! And of course after I finished typing that sentence he just yelled at her. *sigh* So happy together...

Oh and on the baby front...I went to an appointment yesterday. The baby is measuring 15 weeks and 4 days.  I got to have another sonogram because of some bleeding I had this weekend.  While observing the baby we saw the little one raise his hand and wave at us :)  So cool!

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