Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pwetty Mama!

I think I have a girly-girl on my hands.  There is no doubt that Buggy is a girl. She loves purses, all sorts of purses.  Before she got a few of her own, she used to take my bag and try to haul it around the house. No small feat since my purse us usually filled to the brim with stuff.  She also used to take the camera bag and use that as her purse. Fortunately my brother bought her a cute little skirt purse (I'll have to take a picture of it) and she loved it. She carries it around everywhere. Our friend A. also bought her a cute little purse just her size and she loves to carry that around, too. She comes by it honestly as I love purses, too ;)

Her newest thing is to watch Mama put on make-up. She stands on a stool as I put on my make up in the bathroom. As I put on my eye shadow, Buggy points to her eyes, closes them and says, "Ayes, Ayes. Ayes, Mama." Then as I put on my blush she says, "Bwush, Mama. Bwush." And then when I put on my lipstick, "wips, Mama, wips." All the while pointing to the right body part and saying all of this.  After I finish, I usually take the big blush brush and swipe on her eyes and cheeks. There's very little make up on it and it makes her happy. I put Burt's Bees lip balm on her lips for "pwetty lips" and she's happy. So happy that she snatches up one of her purses, finds Daddy and bats her eyes at him and says, "Pwetty, Daddy. Pwetty." Oh, brother!

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