Friday, September 8, 2017

First Week of School 2017

We are finishing up the first week of school.  I think in some ways I was more nervous than the kids.  We have a new schedule with the oldest starting middle school. He is on his way to the bus stop by the time I wake up the other kids.  He is probably finishing up first period before we even walk out the door to make it school.  Hubby has committed to taking Boogs to the bus stop in the morning which is a huge help.  I have even been able to work out a few mornings before I had to wake up the house.  I even had breakfast every single morning before I took the middle kids to school. This is a huge win because there are many  mornings where I have walked out the door without breakfast only to realize I'm starving at the end of my workout.

Boogie has had a pretty good week. He did forget his binder yesterday and Hubby came back to the house to grab it and made it back just in time before Boogie grabbed the bus.  I don't think I have mentioned it before but Boogie has been diagnosed with a learning disability and has an IEP. The last two years have been difficult with a case manager who just didn't do her job and this is by her own admission during a transition meeting. I mean, Seriously????  Already this year, Boogie's case manager has contacted me every day about things here and there and has checked in with him  She has made the transition to middle much smoother.  Boogie struggles with organization and executive functioning. As a result he has already forgotten to turn in his summer homework and has started cramming papers in his backpack. She has already started working with him on his organization. Amazing. It's like night and day between last year's case manager and this year's case manager.

Buggy is starting 3rd grade and we're blessed that she has fantastic teacher.  Boogie had her in 3rd grade and we are thrilled to be with the same teacher this year.  Buggy has just a few friends in her class this year. That will be a challenge, but she does get to see the rest of her friends during recess. She is already looking forward to signing up for her favorite after school art class and this year she wants to join the chess club.  Yes, to all of this!

Mr. Bananas had a much harder transition.  We were thrilled to find out that he has another fantastic teacher.  She taught Buggy in first grade and we are thrilled to have another kid in her class this year. Even though he had the teacher he wanted, I knew something was up when Mr. Bananas ended up in our bed every night since coming back from the beach.  The morning on the first day of school was atrocious as he woke up in a terrible mood, screaming at us, slamming doors, and basically losing his mind.  I knew it was just anxiety, but my patience was up when he slammed his bedroom door and I found him sitting in bed reading a book instead of getting ready for school.  He pulled it together and ended up have a great day. He hasn't been in our bed since, so it's safe to assume that he's more comfortable with starting first grade.

I think Beanie has had the hardest time.  All of her favorite playmates are in school and she is the last one at home. She so desperately wants to go to school.  After we dropped off all the kids at school. I went upstairs to get something and found her sitting on the floor facing the tv, which was turned off, rubbing her blanket and crying quietly.  When we snuggled she told me she missed her "sib-bings."

As the week has gone on, the mornings are smoother, and I'm finding that the earlier wake up time with the first born is allowing me to get a little bit more done during the day, whether it's an early morning work out, washing all the dishes, or putting in a load of laundry.  I miss my big kids, but I know that they are in good hands.  I'm relishing my mornings with the "baby" and looking forward to getting more done during the day.

It's Friday so tonight will be a yummy dinner followed by family movie night.  Boogie and I will get up early tomorrow for his first cross country practice and we are all enjoying a rare quiet weekend before all of the weekend activities begin in the next couple of weeks.   We're still transitioning which means tired kids, earlier bedtimes, and a quiet-ish weekend. And as I write this, Hubby has nixed family movie night because the kiddos are so tired.  We'll try for tomorrow night.

As the school week draws to an end, I am grateful for all the teachers who work so hard to provide an positive learning environment for their students.  I am grateful for the teachers who have my most precious babies in their classes.  I am grateful for the the administrations that support their teachers. Here is to a happy and healthy new school year.  Peace be with you.

Third grade and first grade, here they come!

Buggy, ready for 3rd grade

She was all smiles until she realized that they were leaving her 

"I miss my sib-bings"

After school picture. They came home with smiles.

Enjoying an after school ice cream treat.

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