Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bean is 4 months old

I can't believe I forgot to post Bean's 4 month update.  She continues to grow healthy and strong. The doctor says that she is lean and tall and to hold off on solids until 6 months since she is doing a fantastic job with nursing.  I think she is in the 90th percentile for height and the 19th percentile for weight.  Bean is quite the trooper and goes on all of my errands with me.  We have found, though, that as a result, she does not nap.  She'll take cat naps in her carrier, but she is utterly exhausted by dinner time and inconsolable. The child needs a real nap in her crib. At this stage she is learning to sit in the Bumbo and will do it for a short amount of time. She will play on her playmat, but prefers if her siblings are nearby.  If they play near her, she'll stay there longer without crying to be picked up. She is still the favorite sibling among the older kids.

Bean loves hanging out in the Bumbo.

This about sums it up with these two.

Bean is helping me make her cousin A's blanket.

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