Friday, December 7, 2012

She Has a Bed...Really, She Does

We have a really nice bed for Buggy. We have it on loan from a friend.  We bought her a new mattress and it's pretty comfortable. I once hid from my family when I desperately needed a nap by taking a nap in it when Buggy took a nap in my bed. Don't worry, Hubby was home taking care of the kids who weren't napping.

But here's the thing, my child would rather avoid going to bed at all and play all day and night if she could. Which leaves us with some pretty interesting sleeping arrangements. Just take a look here:

Age 2 1/2, sleeping upright in our chair and a half in our family room.

Same day as above picture.
I had taken her to her room only to find her later asleep on the hard wood floor in our front hall.
She took the time to put on tights and frilly socks before falling asleep again.

Close up of her on the hardwood floor.
Seriously, is that comfortable?

After a fun night of trick or treating I found her sound asleep on our laundry pile in our room.
Yeah, that's right our dirty laundry pile. Sigh and gross.

Her favorite place to fall asleep is waiting for me in my bed.
Especially when Daddy is away on business.
Yes, I carry her back to her room.
I have amazing arm strength carrying all 3 children from my room back to their respective beds many, many times.

In the upstairs hallway between all 3 bedrooms.
This is because I told her that I didn't want to find her in my bed when I came upstairs  to go to bed.
Take that, Mommy!
She's quite comfortable with her pillow pet and blankie.

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  1. This beautiful little one is smart ... and so adorable!!!
    God bless her!
    Tons of love,