Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday-Bonding over Trains

Hubby recently brought up Boogie's old train tracks and trains.  I remember how Boogie used to play with them for hours on end.  He lost interest about two years ago and traded his trains and tracks for dragons, dinosaurs, and books.

However, when Hubby brought up the trains from the basement it has brought back hours of fun for all of the kids. Boogie builds amazing tracks, Buggy makes up story lines for the trains, and Mr. Bananas acts like Godzilla and knocks everything over. Fun for all! I love the hours they have spent bonding over the train set.

Mr. Bananas and Boogie playing trains

Trains for everyone!


  1. So sweet! (And look how long Buggy's hair is getting!)

  2. So long! We just cut it this weekend. I think we took off about 5 inches. The trains have continued to provide more hours of fun for the kids. I'm pleasantly surprised!