Friday, May 18, 2012

Team Work and Strawberry Pie

My husband plants a garden for us every year since moving into our home. Has it really been 5 years???? We He plants zucchini, squash, basil, and tomatoes. I love supplementing our dinner with produce from our garden. And it's the only time of year that we have pesto on a regular basis. Between the basil from our garden and the crazy, huge bag of pine nuts Hubby buys from the store we have pesto coming out of ears before the summer is done. And I miss it over the Winter because it is just too darn expensive to buy pesto from the grocery store.

 This year planted corn in our garden per Boogie's request.  I'm hoping the critters do not eat all of it and save a few ears for us.  A couple of years ago my BFF gave me a few strawberry plants for my birthday. For the last few years only Buggy has been able to eat the strawberries.  There wasn't quite enough to make it from the garden to the house. She ate them all as she harvested them.  However, this year we have a bountiful harvest. So much so that I was able to make a pie out of what the kids picked over the last few days. And they are out today picking even more. Woot!

I caught them working together today as they picked more strawberries. Boogie sat in the garden picking and then would toss them to Buggy's waiting bucket as she stood outside of the garden. I also noticed that she scooted closer and closer to him so that his strawberries would make it into her bucket. It was subtle and sweet. And of course with a "woo-hoo" every time his strawberry made it into the bucket. I love these kids!

Update: ...aaaaaaand it just ended (before I could finish my post) with both kids screaming as Boogie tried to stop Buggy from attempting to eat one of the strawberries they just harvested because he wanted to save them all for another pie...ah, motherhood. It sure is a roller coaster isn't it?

Tossing strawberries into Buggy's awaiting bucket

See Boogie, over here!

My favorite dragon trainer enjoying his first strawberry pie. Ahem, he refuses to eat strawberries.  That apparently went out the window when he harvested his own strawberries, from his own garden, and Mama made him a pie.

Buggy eating her favorite fruit in pie form.

Yes, pie for breakfast. No judging!
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