Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I heard a story on NPR a few weeks ago about how Hostess had to file for bankruptcy and it may be an end to Twinkies. While I have not eaten a Twinkie in forever, I was suddenly sad that a whole new generation of kids (mine included) would never taste a Twinkie.  I grew up with the tasty cake treat. We only had it every now and again, but I could recognize a Twinkie anywhere! Isn't it a staple snack amongst T-ball and soccer teams?  Fortunately, Hostess has released a statement that Twinkies are not gone...yet.

Just the other day I dropped off our MOPS donations for a local food pantry. As we were walking out of the door, one of the volunteers offered the spongey cake treat to Buggy.  I couldn't resist and let her have it. Now at least one of my three children has had a taste of the long standing treat enjoyed by many generations of kids everywhere. Now to introduce it to the boys!

Bug with her first Twinkie!

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  1. Did you know that Twinkies are now available with chocolate or lemon creme filling, in addition to the traditional ones?