Thursday, March 29, 2012

Boogie Turns 6!

Today I became the mother of a 6 year old. When did that happen?!?  I can't believe that 6 years ago today I gave birth to my first baby.  I still remember the rush of excitement on our drive to the hospital.  The 27 1/2 hours of labor and the 3 hours of pushing. Oh.Yes. THREE hours of pushing.  The result was our first born. Our son. Our Boogie Man.

Boogie has been thinking of this day for weeks!  He has been counting down. He awoke with a smile on his face and told me that he was going to sing, "Happy Birthday to Me" all the way to school. And he did. However, the closer the school became, the more softly he sang to himself, that by the time we reached the school he was barely whispering it, but I could still hear it. He told everyone he encountered that it was his birthday. It was truly a magnificent day.

We started with me telling him the good memories of his birth and how his daddy named him after his grandfathers.  He and his siblings had a special donut birthday breakfast.  I sang "Happy Birthday to You."  I brought cupcakes and juice boxes to his class for a midday snack.  I came back with his siblings and Lola just an hour later to look over his accomplishments for "Literacy Knight" where the kids showed up their reading and writing skills.  He waited very, very patiently to open gifts and I allowed him to play "Angry Birds" on my phone while he waited for Daddy to come home from work.

We opened presents and he received his second "Angry Birds" game. I saw how much loved one that he received as the favor for a friend's party and I thought he would like another. He can and will spend hours building new sets and trying them out.  He also got his first "Beyblade" set.  It came with an arena and two Beyblades to battle. The ultimate gift was his pedal bike! He was so excited. He's been cruising around on his glider for a year now and we thought he was ready for a pedal bike. He jumped and squealed when he saw it. I'm so happy that tomorrow is the first day of Spring Break and that he can spend all weekend and all next week riding his new bike. Pretty awesome.

We had a wonderful dinner at his favorite restaurant. Lola joined us for his birthday dinner. My dear son happy all day long. He felts like I wanted to him feel today and how I want him to feel always:  important and happy.

I love his thirst for knowledge and I am grateful for his eagerness to share God's word.  He makes me a better person and a better Mama every single day.  I love when he is kind to his sister. I love that he still loves to cuddle, be held & hugged, and that he allows Mama to give him kisses. I love that he LOVES to read and to listen to audiobooks. I am so blessed to be his Mama. Happy, happy birthday Boogie. I LOVE YOU! ALWAYS! xoxo

My 6 Year old!

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  1. What a wonderful day! I love the countdown pictures. So sweet!