Friday, March 23, 2012

Ahhhh, Bliss

I have this counter. It has become my everything counter and it's where everything gets dumped. About 3 years ago I had it completely cleaned off and it stayed that way the entire time my husband was away on a business trip.  He came home. It became our dumping ground. Again. It's been driving me nuts for 3 years. I finally cleaned it off again.
Bliss=having a clean counter

Unfortunately, I found a new dumping ground. I cleaned off the dining table the other day so I put all the junk from the counter on it. It's the papers. I am buried in papers.  I just want to chuck the whole thing in the garbage. But I probably shouldn't, right? But I am determined to get it cleaned off this weekend. Well by Thanksgiving!

Temporary dumping ground :(

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