Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa Uses Amazon?!?

With having 3 kids, trying to juggle their activities and my to-do list is quite the feat. Last year and this year I have resorted to doing a lot of my Christmas shopping online.  I am also starting to do it for birthdays as well.  In the last few weeks packages have been showing up on my porch.  Sometimes I open them in front of the kids because I know exactly what it is and I don't mind if the kids see because it's not for them. But more often than not, I'm starting to squirrel them away in Santa's workshop (aka my guest bedroom). It's starting to look like a UPS/FedEx drop off in our guest room with all the packages I'm acquiring. And soon, probably this weekend, I'm going to have to start opening all the packages and really get an idea of how many gifts the kids have.

Last week when Bug and I pulled into the driveway after coming home from the gym, she noticed that, yet again, we have another package on the porch.  After I freed her from her car seat she starts jumping up and down and says, "Look, Mama! Another package! Another package! Open it, open it!"  I tell her, "no" and start to bring everything in.  

Bug: "Why not, Mama?"
DM: "I'm not going to do it now"
Bug: "Let's open it. I want to see it!"
DM: "Nope."
Bug: "Why not?"
DM: "I think Santa uses Amazon and there might be presents in there."
Bug: (In an awed hushed whisper) "Santa uses Amazon?"
Bug: (with squeals of delight)  "SANTA USES AMAZON!!!! YEAH, SANTA USES AMAZON"

Well it cured her curiosity. She no longer asks to open the packages, but every time a new one shows up on our porch, she says, "Santa uses Amazon." :)


  1. That is so cute! At least in the amazon boxes, they're wrapped until open- no peeking! I keep a list of the gifts that I bought for everyone so that I keep it all straight. It also keeps me from buying too many presents for the kids because all those little things add up. But Christmas gift overflow is just another name for birthday presents! Sometimes I've found that I accidentally completed shopping for both! And this is probably my last year to keep my list around the house bc Jillian's getting to be a good reader and Cassie's very sneaky!