Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Made It Another Week

Big Kids Playing Well Together
Last week Hubby was away all week (weekends included) for a business trip. This was trip #4 out of 5 from September until the end of the year. Next week is number 5 :(

However, this past week wasn't too bad. I still don't sleep very well when he travels, but the kids were fantastic while he was gone.  It's like a switch was flipped and the kids found out that playing together was a lot of fun.  The big kids spent a lot of time playing together and doing it well.  It made Hubby's time away so much easier on me.

During the time he was away Mr. Bananas learned to crawl and crawl well. He also learned to pull himself up and stand. He gets such a kick out of it.  He looks at me for affirmation. I cheer and applaud and the starts waving one hand in the air to cheer with me. He also slaps both hands on whatever he has used to haul himself up.  He's so proud of himself. It's sad that Hubby has to miss these milestones, but I try to send pictures.

My parents were a big help by coming over twice last week to help with bedtimes.  My aunt and uncle also came over to give me a hand with the house. When Hubby is away I just don't have time to clean up the house. I'm so busy trying to do everything else, I don't have time to keep up with the housework.

Getting Along
I survived his week away and I dread next week. But I know I can do it and I look forward to him being in town before Christmas. And I will enjoy his time home before he heads out in February for a 2-3 week business trip.

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