Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mama's Helpers

Buggy and I seem to be in sync. She can pick up when I need help and she automatically does it.  Or maybe it's that she's really more in tune with her baby brother. Maybe that's what it is.  When Mr. B. wants to play she  will find the toys that he can play with (nothing small) and sits next to him. She sings, trades toys, and talks to him. He'll babble at her the whole time, excitedly telling her about his day (all in baby talk of course).  Dinner time tends to get a bit hairy.  Kids are hungry, I'm running around trying to clean off the kitchen table from art projects and homework assignments, and Mr. Bananas has decided that he is absolutely, without a doubt hungry, and he wants you to know it!

I'm getting better at getting dinner started earlier. But there is very little time between the time Boogie finishes his homework and I start dinner that it's a gray area if I have the time to feed Mr. B. or if he is even hungry.  Sometimes he likes to let me know right when I'm in the middle of things. 

The other night I tried to hand him a bottle in the hopes that he would be able to hold it on his own and keep him occupied until I could start dinner, and have a few minutes to feed him solids while dinner cooked.  Buggy says, "Mommy, I'll feed him." I agreed distractedly, only to find her a few minutes later, precariously perched on the edge of her chair, leaning over the high chair, putting the bottle in the baby's mouth. He was happy and quiet and she was down to business about helping her brother. It was really sweet and very helpful. I think she will be my right hand as she grows up. She seems to anticipate my needs and swings into action even at the tender age of three.

Boogs can be just as helpful. Now when we all drive somewhere together, I do not have to unbuckle Bug from her seat when we arrive at our destination. Boogs will unbuckle himself, unbuckle his sister, and open the door, and wait for directions.  It certainly makes my life a little easier as I try to round up the baby and all the stuff that goes with him ;)

I'm one very blessed Mama.

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