Friday, July 15, 2011

Mr. Bananas is 5 Months Old!

I lov this smile. I just wish the picture was a little clearer
Boy does the time fly.  Baby Boy is already 5 months old. When the reflux isn't bothering him, he is one happy, happy baby.  I love it. He brightens all of our days.  His older sister is like his second mama. She watches over him, wipes up his spit-up, throws out his diapers, tells him she loves him on a daily basis, and usually kisses him goodnight and totally forgets to give me a kiss.  Ah, well.

This month was a little tougher with Mr. Bananas trying to battle his reflux. He was put on medicine and it worked well for two weeks and then not so much. After numerous consecutive days of not sleeping well and me breaking down in tears because of sleep deprivation I took him back for another evaluation. He was given a new prescription and I think he's doing better.

He is reaching for toys and loves things that roll.  He can spin his body around so that he is facing a different direction.  He can roll from back to front. He doesn't mind tummy time. Mr. B. is grabbing anything and everything and will put it in his mouth.  I still suspect that his sister is his favorite person.

Of the sibling pics I took that day, this is my favorite...though I wish it was clearer
He is truly a very happy baby and I think monkeys are his mascots. I can't believe that he is growing so quickly and soon he will attempt crawling. I love him dearly and I'm so glad we were blessed with his birth.

I love Bug's expression in this photo

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