Saturday, June 18, 2011

"I No Nap"

When she fell asleep next to me while I was nursing the baby
My little ladybug is trying not to nap on a daily basis. She definitely still needs one, but  she doesn't want to nap.  If I do put her to bed she wants her big brother to nap also, especially since they share a room. It's been difficult to keep her in her room because she'll get up while I'm nursing the baby and I can't correct her immediately. (The baby has dropped in weight and now that he is nursing longer I'm trying to allow him to do that...hence I don't want to stop him in the middle and multiple times.)  Once, her big brother put her to bed for me and she actually stayed. Amazing.

Since Bug still needs naps, but doesn't want them, I've been finding her all around the house asleep. Sometimes she'll snuggle up next to me while I'm nursing the baby and she'll fall asleep next to me.  Or I'll rest on one end of the couch and she'll fall asleep on the other end.  She often falls asleep in my bed while I'm folding laundry in my room. Most recently I found her on the floor of the the front hall fast asleep with her tights on (she put them on herself) and one frilly sock while wrapped in her favorite blue blankie.

Happily in our big green chair in the family room

Yes, that is the floor. She feel asleep in the front hall.

Notice the tights and one frilly sock.
She has a bed, she really does...but you wouldn't know it by these pictures :)

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