Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I went back into the saddle today and took my first spin class since being put on modified rest during my pregnancy.  I dug deep and decided to go for it. I called in last night to reserve my seat. The kids woke up super early this morning at 6am and I figured that there was no excuse to not go. So I did!

I made sure to sign up to take the class with my favorite instructor. I like her teaching style and she knows my abilities and limitations. It makes for an easier class when you're not having to explain that you are not going as fast or as hard as everyone else because you just had a baby.  Because she knows each of her students so well she has been known to yell out modified instructions for those of us who need it.  She wants us to push it, but not overdo it.

Now that Bam Bam is 11 weeks old, I feel like it's time to get it into gear.  I see myself in pictures or in the mirror and I'm like, "Oh, no. That has got to go!" Of course I realize it took me 9 months to gain the weight and it may take me that long to take it off. But at the same time, I need to be more cognizant of what I'm eating. With Boogs, I never lost all of the baby weight. With Bug I lost all of the baby weight, but it took me 19 months to do it.  I am determined to lose baby weight faster.

My husband will a groomsmen in a wedding for his college roommate. My husband will look hot in his suit and I certainly do not want to be the dowdy wife. So I am determined to lose the baby weight. But I will do it healthily. I'll work out and eat healthily. I will definitely not starve myself. I can't. I'm a nursing Mama, and I want Bam Bam to stay healthy.  I've already had to cut out an entire food group because it bothers Bam Bam's tummy. Now I have to look for other alternatives to supplement the loss of the dairy I'm no longer consuming.

But with that said, I was nervous about starting up my workout routines. But now that I have,  I already feel better. Here's to a healthier me in 2011!

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  1. I bet avoiding ice cream and baked goods made with dairy will do wonders for your weight loss! Good for you for getting to the gym! I hope I can do as well with 3!
    I'm sorry you have another thing to worry about now- your diet. On the plus side, it's super easy to be fully balanced without dairy- just print a list of foods high in calcium and ask your doc if you should be taking a calcium or Vitamin D supplement since you're not drinking milk. Since you already eat meat, you've got no problem with getting another protein source. With farmers markets opening soon, I think it is perfect timing for you to switch to eating calcium-rich fruits and veggies instead of diary products. This is a blessing in disguise! (I say as I eat a bowl of cereal. Go with rice milk!)