Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Balancing Act

I feel like since I have been a SAHM mom for two years now that I should have a perfect system worked out to balance the household chores, errands, and activities with the kids.  I don't have a perfect system. I have a system and it works for us, sort of, but every now and again I start to feel overwhelmed with all of the chores and things that need to get done.

I'm also so tired. I don't drink coffee, but I'll drink tea. I tend to stay away from caffeine because anything after 2 or 4 seems to keep me up all night. A light nap in the day means that I've lost some time to get things done. How do you keep energized or motivated to get things done throughout the day?

I'm a last-minute girl.  I hate buying Christmas presents early in the year, because there might be something better closer to Christmas...or more than likely I've forgotten that I already bought something and I go out and buy something new for someone.  I don't pack early for trips because what if I need that shirt or those pants before the trip?  I don't pack early because I also need to do the laundry, but who has time to do several loads of laundry in a day?  So things don't get put away or bought, or done in a timely fashion because what if I still need it, what if I don't need it yet, or how can I do x when I haven't done y yet?  You get the point.

So for anyone out there reading this, how do you do it? How do you stay on top of the chores, errands, and to do list, while still being there for your family?  Suggestions, tips, "this is how I do it," I would love to hear from you.


  1. I do far less regular chores than other people. I do house cleaning just before we have house guests and it's best to only have that situation once every two weeks or else you're doing it too much or not enough.

    I do errands in a big row, planned strategically so that I'm not wasting gas or time. I only go grocery shopping once every two weeks and I don't do other shopping unless there's a reason. I shop online for presents.

    I try to do only one thing per day (which has not been the case for a few weeks so I need to get back on track). I invite playmates to our house and keep secret toys and games so that playing at our house and in our yard can still be a special treat for the kids (as opposed to running around town for something fun to do).

    I say NO to things, even if my only reason is that it might be too much.

    I make pbj sandwiches at breakfast time and take them with us if we're out so that we have lunch with us in case we get caught up and running late. That way the kids still get fed and we can stay on schedule even if we're eating in the car. No delayed lunchtime! And even if we don't have to eat in the car, we can still walk right in the door and sit straight down for lunch.

    I hold off on some chores so that I'm only doing it every other day if I can (like dishes and laundry). It's a bit messier, but then I'm getting a break and it still all gets cleaned eventually.

    That's what I do well. What I don't do well could take all day to confess! I admire that you find funding, time, and energy to go to the gym. I need to do that but I can't fit it in for all 3 of those reasons. I also admire that you make your own gifts for people. I suck. It's all bought online and shipped to my house bc I don't have time! I enjoy it when I make time for something but I do that in little spurts- I can't sustain it. I also admire that you make so much time for your family. My family lives an hour away also and I only see them on birthdays and holidays and I'm really trying to get them to come to me (that way I clean my house and I don't have to worry about running around and managing the kids' naps). I also admire that you're crocheting for a charity. I donate money, not time. And I also admire that you and Will find time for dates. We're making do with the time we have together, but it will be wonderful when we can start spending more unstressful, unmulti-tasking time together.

    So don't be so hard on yourself my dear! You rock! But I agree that it's always good to learn new tricks so I'm eager to read others' comments on "this is how I do it".

  2. Thanks for the tips, Jessica! I like the make ahead lunch idea. I've done it on some days like right after preschool on the way to the gym, but didn't think about it for days that I'm doing errands. I'll file that one away. I do the every other day cleaning, too...but I still feel behind, especially with family coming on Sunday. I love how you make time for your girls. I see your pictures and read your blog and I think if I only I could be that creative with my own! You rock, too, Mama!
    Now if only I can say, "no"...that would probably help :)