Friday, December 19, 2014

Boo at 1 Month

Our sweet Boo turned a month old last month.  She is very comfortable with loud noise and chaos. I'm sure she heard quite a bit of it while she was in the womb and it doesn't faze her now.  Her biggest champions are her siblings.  I am so happy that they included her without any problem. Maybe that's what happens with the fourth child.  The older two are accustomed to adding another member of the family and the once-youngest follows suit.  I must say though that Mr. Bananas is clearly her biggest fan.  He is often found sitting next to her, loving on her, and touching her.  Mr. Bananas is in preschool and with it, unfortunately, come preschool germs.  Our little Boo toughed out two colds in her first month of life.  Full on congestion and coughing. It sounded so pitiful.  But I think she is tougher for it.  On her one month birthday, this little beauty found her thumb so she could self-sooth.

Buggy holding her sister as we wait
for the lactation consultant.
I also spent the first month of her life getting her back up to birth weight.  We have a fabulous pediatrician, but when it comes to weight, she is incredibly cautious.  Therefore, Boo and I spent week after week with the lactation consultant weighing her, feeding her, and weighing her again. Her birthweight was 8 lbs 12.6 oz and by
the time we made it for her 2 day appointment after leaving the hospital she was down a pound and had some trouble bringing it back up. Most of the time she would rather sleep than eat.  But as the weeks went on, our little champ began slowly eating more and making her way up to birthweight.

I cannot even begin to share how much joy she brings to our family.  Buggy is so excited to begin picking out her stocking and toys for Christmas.  Bananas is thrilled to be a big brother and there is no jealousy in his demeanor. Boo really is his baby and joyfully shares his good fortune by telling everyone about his baby sister.  Boogie even has a hand and has realized that reading to her is something he can do and can do well. He is still too nervous to hold her, he doesn't want to drop her. But sitting on the couch with her on his lap is just his speed. It is a joy to hear him read to her and to watch the other children gather around him.  We are so blessed.

Mr. Bananas doting and cuddling his baby sister.
She found her thumb on her one month birthday.

This says it all. My biggest boy doing something he loves, reading to his baby sister.

She was sooooo little!  Hanging out with Daddy at 2 1/2 weeks old.