Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday--Advent and Christmas 2012

So much happens during Advent and Christmas.  We celebrated a family member's wedding, celebrated a baptism, spent time with friends, visited with family, and spent time with my brother who was able to come home for Christmas.  So much happens and I try to document it all. Here it is in pictures.

The big kids with their present for Mr. Bananas

Family picture at Hubby's uncle's wedding

Hubby and the kids picking out our Christmas tree

Hubby hauling our Christmas picture

I love this picture.
Boogie decorating our tree

Another favorite picture.
Buggy hanging her ornaments 


The kids hanging with Santa

Celebrating this precious one's baptism

Baby Pumpkin's sister who did the reading for her baptism.

My nieces ready for their sister's baptism.
Yes, that is Buggy photobombing.

Three sisters getting ready for their sister's baptism.

My niece explaining The Last Supper

Mother and daughter

Our Mini Claus

My favorite Christmas decorations

A Christmas visit from the Epitos.

My Mom playing Headbanz.
I love this picture of her because she is clearly laughing and having a good time

My brother trying to figure out he is a duck.


Boogie, Lolo, & Lola

The big kids making cookies for our neighbors

Who doesn't love a little boy in a bow tie.
Getting ready for Christmas Eve at my SIL's house.

Boogie's turn to open his gift from the cousin exchange.

A picture with my brother.

Goodbye Uncle Bing

Bing, my mom, and the big kids

Boogie and Bing

Bug and Bing

Bananas and Bing

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