Thursday, December 6, 2012

Best Friends

I love when all three of my children play together well.  I love when they are kind to one another, I love to hear them giggle and to watch them get along.  Buggy is the middle child. I remember having concerns about "middle children" because I had heard so many stories about friends who were middle children and didn't feel like they fit because they weren't the oldest or the youngest.  I was reassured by many other friends that Buggy would be just fine and they were so, so, so right.  I think it helps that she is the only girl between two boys.

Buggy adores her big brother and will do just about anything for him. She will share her last piece of candy, she will find the toy that he has been looking for all over the house, she will give him comfort when needed.  Buggy is also a fantastic little Mama to her baby brother. After he broke his nose a few weeks ago (oh, yes, he broke his nose and that is certainly another blog post!), she could be heard in the gym childcare saying, "Mr. Bananas, get down from there! You've already broken your nose once!!!!"  She shares her toys with him and soothes him. She shares her snacks and her love.

I think Boogie and Mr. Bananas will be closer when Mr. B. can start running around without injuring himself. I think when Mr. B's vocabulary broadens and he can play soccer, the boys will be very good friends. Right now I think there is too much of an age gap and while Boogie is not super nurturing, he looks forward to playing with his baby brother when Mr. B. is older.

In the meantime, Buggy and Bananas are best, best, best friends.  Seriously.

Just this morning as Boogie was walking out the door with my mom to go to school, Buggy said, "Wait, don't forget to kiss me!" Boogie gave her a kiss and merrily went on his way.  As I dropped off Buggy at preschool, Mr. Bananas did the same thing. He went up to her, waved, and said, "Byyyyyeeee" and waited for his kiss before he could leave her. I love that my eldest modeled how to give love by giving Buggy the love she needed to start her day and how Mr. Bananas saw this and and received the same type of love from Buggy.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my children. All 3 of them!

But as I said, the younger two are the bestest friends and here are the pictures to prove it:

Saw this during dinner one night.

How sweet. This was "just because." Makes my heart so happy.

Playing superheroes together. Do you think she will always "protect" and "defend" him?

How cute are these heros?

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  1. So,So Sweet. That is what I pray for our boys. They were buddies when they were younger and spent more time together. Then, our oldest has been in school and their relationship changed. They still love each other, and I LOVE to see them look out for each other and make each other laugh. Looking forward to Christmas break with more family time. Thanks for sharing! :)