Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Lunch with Daddy

This is the last week of Summer vacation and the weather has been gorgeous. We had an awesome playdate on Tuesday, on Thursday we are going to visit my sister-in-law for a much needed catching up session, and on Friday we have an open house for Boogie's school and we are going to meet his 1st grade teacher.  Today I did not have anything planned and I thought we'd go to the gym, but after some thought I checked with Hubby who, amazingly, did not have any meetings or conference calls scheduled.  The kids and I ended up taking the train into the city and meeting him for lunch.  We took advantage of the great weather and ate lunch outside.  Two of Hubby's coworkers joined us and the kids and I had a great time. I'm grateful for this time together, especially since Hubby will be leaving soon for a 5-6 week business trip (yikes!).

Buggy and Mr. Bananas occupying themselves on the train.

Boogie reading about his favorite topic: animals! 

Trying to look like Daddy at work.

Hanging out in Daddy's office.

Being silly in Daddy's office.

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