Monday, July 9, 2012

Flipper Mini Meet

This weekend my kids participated in the annual Flipper Mini Meet with our swim team.  The Flipper Mini Meet is a great way for our youngest swimmers on the team to gain some experience of swimming in a meet. The meet is low-key and the majority of the swimmers have coaches in the lane with them supporting as they swim the different strokes. There is also kickboard races for those swimmers who aren't able to swim yet.  The coaches hold/support the kickboards as the kids kick along.

It was exciting to have both of the kids participate this year.  Boogie was signed up for both the 6 year old 25M Freestyle and the 6 year old 25M kickboard race. Buggy was signed up for the 5&Under kickboard race.

Boogie with Coach Paul swimming the 25M Freestyle
Boogie's 25M freestyle was right in the beginning as the third event.  He was in Heat 2, Lane 6.  My parents, my uncle, and one of my cousins showed up to show their support.  Boogie was the only one in his heat to dive in to the water (the other racers started on the wall while in the water.)  He swam really hard and although the coach was in the water for support, he kept backing up so that Boogie couldn't reach him, forcing Boogie to swim the whole way and he did! Boogie swam the whole length of the pool by himself!!!  I am so proud of him and most importantly he is so proud of himself. He now knows he can do it. Before he had this mental block thinking he couldn't swim it on his own. Somehow he dug deep and finished the race. Towards the very end he reached for his coach and I heard his coach say, "Don't reach for me Boogie! You can do this! You're almost at the end." I saw the look on Boogie's face that he wanted to give up, but he didn't. He kept swimming and I am so very, very proud of him. He was the last to touch the wall, but he did it and he did it on his own!  That event gave him the confidence to do the kickboard event without a coach in the water. He told his coach he didn't need to go in with him and as a result Boogie finished 7th overall. Quite the accomplishment!

Buggy loved being in her first mini meet. She swam in the girls 5&Under kickboard race. Coach Jeni supported her throughout the whole race. However, I noticed Buggy kicking delicately and smiling at the crowd. In the next lane was her best Flipper friend doing the same thing. The other mom was laughing and saying the girls were on their parade route.  I bet if they were willing to let go of the kickboard they would have done a beauty pageant wave. They were so silly and so much fun to watch. Buggy had a smile on her face the whole time. And this is what the mini meet is all about. Having fun and gaining confidence as a swimmer.

I can't say enough how proud I am of both my kids. They got out there and they did it.  Boogie was a little disappointed in his 11th place finisher ribbon for the freestyle, but I told him it was my favorite ribbon because it was the one he earned.  He perked up at that and he is looking forward to the B meet this Wednesday.

Way to go, kiddos! Mama and Daddy are so proud of you!

So tired right now!
Almost there! Digging deep to finish!

And he finished on his own with his awesome coach cheering him on the entire way!

One very proud Boogie surrounded by his siblings, Daddy, Lola, and Cousin Sham

Buggy swimming in the kickboard race.
Coach Jeni helping Buggy along

Boogie swimming hard in the kickboard race without a coach in his lane :)

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