Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday--My Monkey

My Monkey. He's so lovable and sweet. His new favorite thing to do is to blow kisses as he's leaving a room. Everyone melts when he does it. He's been walking for about two weeks now. It's amazing. One day he was crawling and the next walking...literally. How does it happen so quickly? On April 20th he took about 8 steps to me when I picked him up from childcare at the gym. Since then, he's been walking everywhere! By the end of the weekend he was barely, if ever, crawling. He loves people and is happiest interacting with his siblings...and by interacting I mean crawl all over them, sit on them, pull on them, and be the center of attention.

The only trait that I could do without is the earsplitting screeches.  He hits a decibel that truly hurts my ears. One day in the car poor Buggy started crying because he had screeched so loudly and it hurt her ears.  He screeches to get what he wants and we are desperately trying to break him of this habit by encouraging him to use his words (verbal or signed).  It works...except when we are in the today...45 minutes was a VERY long time...I would have left earlier except I was waiting for something.

Here is a sweet picture of my little my monkey...after his overtired 20 minute crying jag.  Sweet dreams, Little Monkey.

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