Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A "Blue"tiful Girl

Ever have one of those "Oh, Crap!" moments?  I totally did on Saturday.

My dear friend A. asked if I would watch her daughter last Saturday so that she could finish finish painting her new home so that they could move in by the end of the month. I readily agreed. C. is Bug's age and they get along well.  They like to play with each other. C. also LOVES Mr. Bananas and wants to spend time with him.

The day went pretty smoothly until naptime. I completely forgot that Hubby our craft rolling drawers in the guest room filled with stamp pads, markers, paints, glue, etc.  It had been in the garage for years. Hubby moved it into the foyer where it sat for a couple of weeks until he finally put it in the guest room.  The whole time that it sat in the foyer, my kids never touched it. If they knew what was in it, they probably would have.  But it became a fixture in the front hall for so long that my kids were never interested.

At nap time, C. and Bug went to their respective rooms fairly easily. I thought, this is great, "Easy, peasy."  Having had little sleep the night before, Hubby encouraged me to grab a quick nap while the girls and Mr. Bananas were napping.  He stayed up with Boogs.  I woke up hearing C. say, "Hello? I'm ready to come out. Can someone let me out?"  I went to the guest room and was greeted with this "blue"tiful face:

Auditioning to be a smurf
HOLY CRAP!  was my first thought. My second thought was, "Your mommy is never, ever going to let you come over again." My third thought was, "What did you do?????"  

Her hair is very smurfy.
Poor C. found a blue stamp pad and put it on like makeup all over her face and hair. There is a full length mirror on the door so she definitely knew what she looked like.  When she saw my face I think she realized that this was not a good idea.  She started to whimper a little when I said, "Oh, C! What did you do?" I definitely did not raise my voice, it was just this hushed awed whisper and I think she thought that was a little worse.
We put her in the bath and the water turned oh so, so, soooo blue.  We were able to get most of it out of her hair and face. She ended up looking like she was wearing blue eye shadow by the time I was done washing her face.  There is still a blue ring around the tub. I have to say, she was a pretty good sport considering she had to have an impromptu bath.  Most of the blue came out of her clothes, rug, walls, comforter, tv, file cabinets, desk, and chair.  whew :)

Her mommy still likes me and says that "yes, C. can come over again. " But I was mortified that while in my care, this little darling became a Smurf.  I'm grateful for forgiving friends who have a sense of humor.  

I love you, Smurfette!


  1. I'm glad it came out easily. Sometimes I think kids are so afriad of what your reaction is going to be that they cry no matter how you reacte. When our oldest found the vaseline as a toddler, it was a different story.

  2. After a few decades have gone by, I still remember when our oldest daughter, JA, (then about four years old) thought that it would be a good idea to smear a stick of butter on our new couch! I was putting the two younger kids down for a nap and by the time I came back to see what my oldest was up to, I couldn't believe what she was doing -- I don't even remember what was my reaction, but I still smile as to how quick and "creative" little kids can be. The couch survived the new "paint job" and I have a good story to tell. All is well that ends well!
    Luv ya all,
    PS: Your little friend, Smurfette, looks beautiful in blue and that is a great story -- with great pictures to back it up!

  3. oh my gosh!! crazy!! and kinda cute ;)