Thursday, August 11, 2011


Last week we were on vacation with my sister in law and her family.  One day she and my husband (who are siblings) took a heritage tour with their uncle learning about their ancestors.  Wanting to allow her and my hubby to spend time without being distracted by the kids and to really soak in family history, her husband and I took six of the seven kids to a wildlife sanctuary.  The oldest of her kids joined them on the tour.

I loved that her kids (who are older) really took care of my kids. They created a buddy system so that each of her kids held hands and took care of one of my kids while we walked around.

Boogie's in the front and you can see Bug reaching for R's hand.

Buddies! I'm wearing Mr. Bananas, but he was there!

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  1. Great Memories. Thanks for playing blended family, so I could tour.