Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday--Lambeau Field

Recently we took a vacation to Green Bay, Wisconsin, home of the most recent Superbowl Champions, the Green Bay Packers. Anyone who knows my husband knows that he is a huge Packers fan.  When the Packers played in the Superbowl I had a lot of Facebook posts from many of our college friends saying that they were thinking of him during the game. For most, my Hubby is the only Packers fan they know.  We have many friends who are Steelers fans and it was a shame we couldn't have held a Superbowl party with them here, but when they are spread all over the country (California, Hawaii, etc.) it was kind of hard to do that. Oh and I was due any day at that point and probably shouldn't have been hosting a Superbowl party.

So on our trip to Wisconsin we had to make a stop at Lambeau Field for a tour.  I am a Packer fan by marriage and even I have to say that the stadium tour was pretty cool.

Hubby, Bug, and Boogs. When we walked through the tunnel where the players go through to be presented, the tour guide played a sound effect that sounded like fans were cheering for us. I told Boogs that people heard he was there and they were excited to see him. It was very cool. He loved it!

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  1. You have it right, Mom! Kids do grow much too fast and before you realize it they will be on their own, but your kids' hearts will be shaped forever in the most wonderful way by both of you. You are teaching them love, values, and love of our Lord. What more will they need? You have defined yourself in ways that many of us wish we had. Stay that way and reap the joy and peace of our Lord that transcends all human understanding.