Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy 3 Months, Bam Bam!

Bam Bam at 3 months old
Bam Bam turned three months old last week. The time is flying and I marvel at how big he is getting and  his awareness of all the things around him. I delight in his giggles (he started giggling on Thursday, May 5), his smiles and his new found "talking."

Bug is still my biggest helper when it comes to Bam Bam. She is ever ready to provide a diaper or to throw one away. She checks on him and I often find small dolls next to him when he is sleeping. He currently has  a soft one in his co-sleeper that she left for him so that he wouldn't become lonely.

He is definitely the one that looks most like me in coloring with dark hair and dark brown eyes. He is the most Asian looking of my babies (I'm half Filipino). The other two have the light brown hair and light eyes of their daddy. Though, Bug had dark hair and it became blonde/light brown after a few months. I don't know if it will happen with Bam Bam. It hasn't happened yet, so I don't think so.

His favorite people are Mama, Daddy, Boogie, Buggy, and whoever happens to be holding him (though not necessarily in that order). I suspect that Buggy is his favorite person because she is the one that pays attentions to him the most. After I've nursed him and set him down in his seat, she'll bring a blanket over and sit next to him. She talks to him all the time, brings him toys, and summons me when she thinks he needs extra attention (of course, I'm always nearby and he's never alone!). Buggy's name makes him smile and he is happy to have her so close. She is the little Mama that helps him and he loves her so much.

It is confirmed (through my diet) that he has a dairy sensitivity. After giving up dairy for almost two weeks and accidentally having a meal that had dairy in it (who knew bread crumbs had dairy?) which resulted in a very unhappy baby, I've diagnosed him (with my motherhood degree) that he has a dairy sensitivity.

But now that we've discovered the source of his copious amount of spit-up and unhappiness and have rectified the situation we are once again blessed with a happy, happy baby.

Mama has learned to juggle just enough to get Boogs to preschool, dinner on the table, Bug to dance class, and Boogs to t-ball. I'm still learning the art of juggling. Unfortunately some things don't get done, but I'm learning to be okay with it.  Though I think Hubby is starting to notice that I've neglected the house for the last week ;)  He hasn't complained and I doubt he will, but I know that I should have things a little more organized.

But we're happy. Who could ask for more?

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