Monday, April 25, 2011

1st Family Photo

I realized yesterday that we have not taken a family photo with all five of us in it. I have several pictures of the all 3 kids together, pictures with Daddy and the kids, pictures of me with at least one of the kids, including our new addition, but none of us all together.  Yesterday we were all dressed in our fancy duds for Easter and we forgot our camera in the car. Fortunately a family at church took our picture with their camera and sent it to me. So here we are:

Our First Family Picture

Seems appropriate that the Discombobulated Mommy not only forgot to take a picture with all of us in our fancy duds, but missed my opportunity to take even one photo (with my own camera) of my children in their Easter outfits yesterday. *sigh* I'll get it together one of these days :)

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  1. Awesome picture! And you're not alone -- not a single picture here either...