Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heart Prints

My friend J. teaches Mommy and Me yoga classes for preschool kids and younger. At the end of each class, she gives the mamas time to relax while she reads a story or does a short activity with the kids. One of the things she shared was a book about how kids can share their love with others through "heart prints." This concept has taken root in my house and Boogie loves when I tell him that something he has done has left a heart print.

Being that we just celebrated Valentine's Day this week, it seems only appropriate to share the heart prints that surrounded our new son's birth.

Yes, our son finally arrived! My water broke at 9:35pm on Saturday night (February 12th).  I had spent the morning with Bug helping to clean our church. At one point I was straightening the hymnals in the pews when Bug leaned into my belly and said, "Baby J. Come out. I want to meet you."  I was feeling the same way. I took it easy the rest of the day. That night I finally resigned myself that I would probably have to be induced on Wednesday. I was not looking forward to going to church the next day and see the shaking heads as I waddled into Mass.  Nonetheless I was resigned that's what would happen.  Around 9:30 pm Hubby and I settled into what had become our evening routine of watching an episode of The Wire on Netflix. Not even 10 minutes into the episode did I sit up suddenly and say, "Oh!" I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Fortunately I made it in time and realized that my water had broken. I had been having contractions an hour before, but nothing consistent. The time ranged from 2 minutes to 17 minutes between contractions. We had been timing contractions for at least a week, so after an hour of sporadic contractions I had counted it as a "whatever." At the time my water broke, I wasn't having any contractions.  I had Hubby call the advice nurse while I took a shower. I also called my mom to have her come over to stay with the kids.  Fortunately, it was not too late to call my friend A. and ask her to come over to spend the night so that my mom could go with us to the hospital to see the birth of her 3rd grandchild.

Here are the Heart prints that surrounded the time of baby #3's birth.

  • My BFF A. called earlier in the evening to check on me. During this time I asked if she was willing to watch my two older kids so that my mom could join us at the hospital to watch the birth. She agreed. I just didn't think I would be calling her back 3 hours later to come over.  So A. came over and stayed the night with the kids
  • My SIL L. came to join me in labor and delivery. She has been to at least one birth for every sister/sister-in-law except for mine. I knew that I would want here there because of her calming presence.  We called her and she came over to join us. She didn't get much more than an hour catnap during my labor, but she was incredible the whole time.  I'm pretty sure I bruised her hand when I squeezed it during labor. She never complained and walked me through everything.
  • My husband was incredible through the whole thing. Even though I had everything my bag packed and the kids' bag packed in case they went to someone else's house, he made sure everything was in order. Throughout the labor he was there 110%. It got to the point where I didn't have to say anything and he was by my side to help me breathe through my contractions.
  • My friend K. had been calling and checking in on me throughout the week. She was the one who was going to take me to the hospital if my water broke during the day and Hubby was still at work.
  • My parents came to watch the birth of their 3rd grandchild.
  • While A. spent Sunday morning with the kids she wrote and illustrated books with them so that they could share it with their new brother when they came to the hospital.  She also called my parents to tell them to rest and not to rush to pick up the kids after they came home from the hospital. Not only that, when Hubby came home to relieve her after the birth, she told him to go upstairs to get a nap and shower and that she was fine watching the kids for longer.
  • My in-laws came to visit and kept me company while Hubby was home getting the kids settled at my parents house.
  • My BIL and my SIL came to visit the next day to meet their newest nephew.
  • Lots of love and encouragement via Facebook after I announced J.'s birth.
  • My kids lovin' on their baby brother when they came to visit him.
  • When I came home I found that Hubby had vacuumed and dusted our bedroom. Everything was put away. He changed the sheets and put together the cosleeper. Our room looked phenomenal and ready for our newest arrival.  
There is so much more, but this is the start. I feel so blessed by the love that surrounded this birth.  I was so antsy by the end and couldn't wait to give birth. I received a lot of encouragement prior to my labor, during my labor, and warm wishes when #3 made his arrival.

Baby #3 came in at a whopping 9lbs. 1oz. I was not prepared for this size. When the OB came to check me the first time during my labor she did warn me that he would be bigger than my other two who were 7 lbs. 5 oz and 7 lbs. 7 oz. I was thinking somewhere in the high 7s up to mid-8s, definitely not 9lbs!  We affectionately call him Bam Bam or the mini-freezer.  He is well loved by his siblings.  I am happy to be home with my family and to settle into being a family of five.

Headed to the hospital. No contractions yet!

Proud parents with our BIG Boy!

Feeling sweet relief that our son finally arrived. So happy!

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  1. I love this post! I am so glad to hear that he is healthy and you seem to be doing well! I wish I was there to support you as well!