Saturday, October 30, 2010

Making the Most of My Insomnia

I'm almost 25 weeks along and I'm still suffering from pregnancy insomnia. It's been better, but every now and again I'm wide awake at this morning. I've been up for about 3 hours now and I know that I'll probably crash hard later this morning.

But after tossing and turning for almost 2 hours I've decided to just get up and see if I can knock some things off my to do list.  Maybe if I do it now, I'll make up for the lost time that will inevitably come when I  take a nap later today.

It's kind of nice having the house to myself while everyone is sleeping. I think I can be more productive at this time in the morning because then I won't feel guilty for getting things done instead of playing with the kids.  Bonus? I'll get a few hours of uninterrupted time to get some of the bigger projects done :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Different Timelines and Different Speeds

Do you ever feel that your significant other runs on a completely different timeline or speed?  This morning was one of those days. Hubby is home from work and offered to take Bug's for her  2-yr. check-up and take the Boogie Man with him to give me a relaxing morning. I feel like it was anything but relaxing.

I have a timeline in my head about how long it takes for me to get the kids out of the house. Even with that being known, we still run a few minutes behind. But I feel like if I have somewhere to be, I am always on the go until we get in the car. You know: dress the kids, feed the kids, brush their teeth, put Buggy's hair in a ponytail/pigtails, get socks and shoes on and do a quick check to make sure we have everything we need, and finally get everything that we need for the trip and destination. And now that it's colder, we have to add coats and jackets to the mix.

My beloved, however, runs on a completely different speed. Whereas I am a little frenzied and chaotic, he is methodical and s-l-o-w. . . Well it seems slow to me in comparison to what I do. Now, don't get me wrong, he does get the job done and he does get the kids out the door, but I can't take it! I'm looking at my watch and thinking, they should be done with breakfast by now, they should be brushing their teeth. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the doctor's office, they should be getting their shoes on now. Of course, I'm verbalizing all of this to him and making him upset and I'm upset because I'm afraid they are going to be late. I absolutely hate being late and I feel like I am always 15 minutes behind the clock. Ugh!

Really I should've just taken a step back and let him handle things. It drives me nuts, but he does do it and I should be grateful. But couldn't he move a little faster ;)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"I a fower. No dwagon"

Halloween is around the corner.  Growing up, Halloween was never a big deal. I think I can count the number of times I went trick or treating on one hand.  We did attend a few harvest festivals as a family, but we rarely dressed up.

As I've had kids, I'll admit that I have fun looking for cute costumes for the kids.  Hubby and I have never been in to the scary or gory, but we're okay with non-scary costumes for the kids.  I think the kids have been the following:

Boogie: pumpkin, dragon (2 years in a row), this year he'll be a knight (St. George)
Buggie: "boo"t-shirt and orange and white pants (she was only 9 days old), pumpkin

Last year I found a really cute flower costume from the Children's Place for Bugs. I got it for $4.99 on sale. Not bad!  I got it for this year. Boogie was harder, but  I found a knight's costume at Target and a shield, sword, and helmet on Oriental trading company. Overall, the price was right all around.

Hubby got the idea that Bug should be a dragon this year to go along with Boogie's costume of being a knight. Boogs was all about being Buggy's dragon slayer.  Hubby put the costume on Bugs, and showed her what it looked like in the mirror. Her reaction? She cringed and said, "No dwagon. No dwagon. Scawy."  He put on the flower costume. She walked around, "No dwagon. I a fower."

Even now if you ask her she'll say, "I a fower for Ha-wee. NO dwagon!" She is definitely my girly-girl!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Swiss Cheese Brain

I definitely have swiss cheese brain. Before my first pregnancy I could name names, dates, locations, things that happened years ago with the greatest of ease.  I didn't have to write things down as often and I could remember my mental lists fairly easily.

Now, not so much.  I have to write everything down and it's gotten worse. With each pregnancy I'm a little more forgetful. I'd like to think that I'm older and I have a lot more to remember...but really it's just me getting older, having two children, being pregnant with another, and what I can't'll come to me.  Oh, wait...lack of sleep. There we go.

Prime example:

I asked Boogie three times last week if he had fun playing with a new friend. He said yes every time I asked, but by the 3rd time, he said, "Mama, I already told you. Why can't you remember?"
I told him I had swiss cheese brain.
B: "Mama, can't you stop up the holes in your brain so that you can remember?"
M: "Sorry, Boogs. I'm pregnant and I forget everything."

That same day I decided to take him with me to the library and maybe buy a birthday present for Bug.  As we leave the neighborhood, Boogie says, "Mama, I don't think you'll ever forget how to drive." Me: "No probably not, I've been doing it a long time."

Halfway to the library I turn and head to Target instead.  I realize it as I'm doing it and say, "Aw, Man."
B: "What happened, Mama?"
M: "I'm going the wrong way. We're headed towards Target."
B: "Mama, we're supposed to go to the library."
M: "I know, I know. See? Swiss cheese brain. I'm turning around now."
Silence all the way to the library. As I park:
B: "I guess I was wrong. Knowing directions is part of driving and you forgot your directions. I guess you forgot how to drive."

He was absolutely right.  At least now he is a little more forgiving when I ask him the same question 15 times and he likes to tell people that I have swiss cheese brain. That's fine by me, at least I don't have to tell them I can't remember their names :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Bug!

This weekend we celebrated our daughter's 2nd birthday.  Her birthday was Friday and Hubby was able to Thursday off to take the kids to our son's preschool field trip to the farm and he was off on Friday to celebrate with us.

(His boss did ask where our son's field trip was and why it took two days to get there.)
 Hubby's response:  No, the field trip is to the farm and it's only one day, my daughter's birthday is Friday.
Boss: What time is your daughter's birthday on Friday?
 Hubby:  All day. Her birthday is all day.

Anyway, so Bug's birthday weekend really started on Thursday when she got to go on the preschool field trip with her big brother and Daddy.  Hubby took the kids to the farm so that I didn't have to. With all the walking and bumping along in a hayride he wasn't keen on me going. I was happy to relinquish this task as I had taken the same field trip last year with my son's 3 year old class. Hubby and the kids came back happy and tired. It was a good start to a wonderful weekend.

Friday was Buggy's birthday and we started with our celebration breakfast.  Actually I started it by singing "Happy Birthday" to her when I went to get her up in the morning. She told me to "stop it" and then when her brother walked in singing she blew him kisses. Jeez! But she loved it and loved the attention. After breakfast we opened presents and she had so much fun getting new sheets for her new big girl bed and coloring in her ginormous coloring pad.  I'm a little concerned that she is really into presents. More so than her brother was at this age.

After presents Bug and I went to get her 2 yr. old portrait taken.  Before leaving the house, Hubby told Bug to say goodbye to her crib because she was getting a new big girl bed. All the way to JCPenney's all I heard was, "No, Daddy. Daddy take cwib. No, Daddy. Daddy take cwib." It was quite pathetic.  But as soon as we walked into the portrait studio she calmed down, walked herself into the portrait room and sat where she was supposed to without being asked.  Um, can you tell we take a lot of pictures there? The pictures turned out great and then we headed home.

Bug changed into play clothes and we took the kids to lunch and then decided to skip the pumpkin patch and headed to a big park instead. The weather was definitely nippy. I was exhausted and sat in the car while Hubby and the kids ran and played at the park. Another good day had by all.  The kids were exhausted and Boogie went down for a nap pretty easily. Bug on the other hand, did not. Probably because she was in a pack and play for nap time and was anticipating her new bed.  We were still waiting for the mattresses to be delivered and didn't want her in her room until her bed was made.

While the kids were supposed to be napping, Hubs and I got ready for the party the next day. I hired my Mama's helper to come by one more time to help us out. Again, she's awesome. I texted her and she ran errands for me before coming to the house to drop them off and help me clean the house.  Definitely helped bring down my stress level.

After she left and we woke up the kids we took the kids to Red Robin to celebrate Bug's birthday and see my parents.  Hubby had to stay behind and wait for the mattress and then met up with us later.  After dinner we had ice cream cake at home, opened a few last gifts and introduce Bug to her new bed. Boy was she excited!  She slept well in it and has loved being in it ever since! Mission: Big Girl Bed=success!

Saturday was the joint party for Bug and her cousin B.  My friends D. and A. came and helped us out to get ready for the party. One of my SILs came early to give us a hand, too. Because of their helpfulness I was able to get in a nap. Even though I had my Mama's helper come over three times last week, I think all the work we did wore me out. I so needed a nap and it was nice that I have friends who force me to do it and take care of the details. When I came down just before party started, I saw the house was completely party ready and beautiful. Thanks, D., A., and M!

The party was great and we had a wonderful time. I think Bug liked being with her cousins and two of her little girlfriends. I can't believe that now my sweet baby is TWO!

My two favorite things about this weekend:

Buggy sitting by herself and softly singing "Happy to you, ME. Happy to you, ME!" (When I asked her if she was singing happy birthday to herself she crinkled her nose and giggled.)

Boogie grabbing as many helium balloons as he could and jumping off the couch in the hopes that he could float.

It was an incredible weekend. I'm tired, but happy :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Taking a Breath instead of Sucking Wind

So yesterday I had a lot on mind. Today is no different, because I always have a lot on my mind. But things are good. Sometimes I feel like when you read my blog it's "wah-wah" versus laughing at myself. I really do laugh at my self on a regular basis and I think it's good for me.  I just write about whatever is going on and it gives me the umph I need to keep movin'!

I really do think I'm ADD. I have so much that  I want to do that I can't seem to focus on any one thing. For example, wanting to read a book and crochet at the same time. Dilemma solved now that I'm starting to listen to books on CD. When I get a chance, I'll transfer the books to my ipod so that I have them wherever I  am.   I can do that, right?

In order to keep me more motivated I write lists. Lots and lots of lists. Lists that drive my husband crazy and anyone who has to figure out what I need/want done.  But I find that if I stick to it, I'm good. Yesterday was one of those days.

I designate two days a week for cleaning, two days a week for running errands/getting things done, Fridays are catch-up days or if Hubby is home, fun days with the kids.  Saturdays are fun days/getting things done day/seeing the kids participate in events days/seeing friends, etc and Sunday is truly our day of rest.  After Church we come home, have breakfast and Hubby watches football while I crotchet. The kids play around us and do their own thing. I really, really try not to have an agenda on Sundays.

So yesterday was my cleaning day and I had a lot on my list.  I took a deep breath and I dove in. I did what I could do and things that I couldn't or shouldn't be doing I made another list to be done by someone else. Fortunately, Hubby and the foresight to suggest that I hire my babysitter/Mama's helper to come an extra day this week to give me a hand. She did and she is excellent!!!!!  I wrote out my list of things I couldn't do (dust the ceiling fan, pull sheets off the top shelf of the linen closet, vacuum the steps and the basement, etc.)  She also helped me to get the  kids ready for dance class. Wednesday is our crazy day and I wasn't sure if I could get enough done.  She stayed at the house while Buggy slept so that I could pick up Boogie from school.  While I was gone, she tackled her list and got so much done.  I am truly grateful.  I'm really going to miss her when she leaves for college in January.

I have been doing this particular set up the last few weeks and I'm finding that it really works for me. I don't get too bored. I'm actually knocking more things off my lists and I think I'm finally down to less than 100 hundred things on my to-do list. I'm finding more time to be with my family and more time to be with friends.  There are days that I'm am so happy that I keep plugging away because when things pop up I can do them and not feel guilty that I have other things waiting to get done.

So I'm taking a breath and enjoying it :)  I'm no longer sucking wind, because I think I'm actually catching up.

And because I just have to share! Yesterday while I was getting Buggy up in the morning, she looks at me and says, "Mama, I wah ewe. Mama, I wah ewe." It totally made me day and I love her, too. My kids make my world go round :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brain Dump Wednesday

I have so much on my mind right now that I think if I can get it all down, then my mind will be free to focus on other things, like my daughter's 2nd birthday coming up on Friday!

This week is a stressor for me, but only because I'm making it one.  There really isn't anything to stress about because I have my check off lists for everything that needs to be done this week and I'm pretty sure that I'll get them done, because as Hubby says, "We always do."

First off, yesterday I had a wonderful play date with a good friend of mine. Our daughters are just a few months apart and I thought it would be fun to get the girls together for a play date.  Poor Bug, all the little girls we know live at least an hour away. She's not old enough for preschool and she doesn't have her own local social set. Her friends are my friends' daughters and they all live in different counties or states.

Anyway, it was a good play date for me. I got to chat with a friend who I haven't seen in ages and we were able to catch up.  We're pregnant again at the same time, except this time we have the same due date!  So we have lots to talk about!  But for my kids, I just don't get it.  They are fine when they are just with me, but add another kid to the mix and I'm ashamed to say that they can be horrendous!  They are no longer polite and well-mannered, they are crazy active, territorial, and slightly aggressive. Ugh!

Seriously, if my daughter were a dog, she would have peed all over the house to stake her territory.  She wanted to make sure the other little girl knew that she was in Bug's house.  I was horrified. Thankfully my friend E. has three other children and was a teacher and knows the ins and outs of toddler social play.  My son is used to having his friends over for a play date that having just one little girl (that they have never met before) in our house was too much. He played too rough for the little girls and talked non-stop to Miss E.  Bug kept trying to make sure that everyone knew that everything in the house was hers. *sigh* Fortunately, I made lunch for everyone and that seemed to do the trick. While the girls ate lunch, my son played by himself quietly. When they were ready to get down, the girls played relatively well together, and I think that E. and I might have actually gotten in an hour's worth of conversation without too much interruption.  Soooo much better. I really do stress out over how my kids act in front of other people. I think they are good kids, but I feel like that others may think they are too annoying. But once my kids settle in, they're fine. I realize that this is a phase, but once I realize that they parents aren't going to judge my kids or my parenting skills, I can relax. I bet that helps my kids relax, too.  (Thanks, E! I really had fun and I hope that you'll come down for another play date in the future!)

Next up, Bug's birthday is coming up on Friday. I have a fun day planned for us. We will have our birthday breakfast (cinnamon rolls, eggs, sausage, and juice), Bug will take her 2 year pics, and then I thought we will come home, change, and head to the pumpkin patch. Last year we never made it to the pumpkin patch and we never carved pumpkins. Just too much. But I thought if it did it for Bug's birthday it would be fun. Hubby is taking the day off of work to spend it with her.  Low key, but fun! I'm looking forward to it.

The next day is the family birthday party. We're doing a joint party with my nephew who is 3 weeks older.  So it's family with a few best friends thrown in. I didn't even invite our neighbors this year and that is stressing me out. I don't want to offend them and I've been looking for an opportunity to say that it's just a family party this time around...

When I had originally planned the party, I was not on restricted activity.  I love planning my kids' birthdays, and I usually have a theme, and I love hosting and having people come to my house.  But because Hubby keeps fussing at me to stay off my feet (yes, which he should be doing), I'm concerned that I won't get the house clean enough. Of course, everyone who is coming over knows the situation, loves us for who we are, and will not judge the state of the house, but you know, I still want everything perfect!  I have hired my babysitter/Mommy's helper to come by twice this week to give me a hand. I have my lists and Hubby will be a big help.  So really, nothing to stress over, but I will and I do because that's who I am.

Done. Now that I've written it out and did a brain dump I can focus on what needs to get done for the house and the party.  I can take a deep breath and realize, that yes, everything will get done. I just need to focus. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's A...

BOY!!!! Baby #3 is definitely a boy. Apparently he doesn't mind taking a picture of his "business" like Brett Favre allegedly does.  The technician was able to tell me pretty quickly that we are having a boy. I'm still in awe. All of my earlier cravings and aversions to food had me convinced that we were having a girl. As of now I am 1 for 3 in my predictions.  Boogie Man is 2 for 2. I think I'll start listening to my son from now on.

Boogie is excited. He is tired of having a sister an is looking forward to having a brother. He also asked if he could get one that was already walking and can play "wuff" with him.  He's not so sure about having a baby as a brother, but I think he'll be fine.  He's been a huge help this pregnancy.  He does so many more things on his own and is willing to help me out more often. I am so grateful to my little man.  It is a little unnerving to hear him say, "Bad Mommy, put her down. Bad Mommy!" when I go to pick up Bug. But he's right and I'm not allowed to pick her up.  So as a result I have been following doctor's more often: First because Boogie has been helping me around the house, helping his sister, and being more independently, and second, because he constantly tells me not to pick something up.  His daddy is so proud!

Buggy is excited to be a big sister and she kisses my belly and hugs it all the time.  But at the same time as my belly grows larger, she becomes more attached. She just knows that her time as the youngest is slowly coming to a close.  I think being the girl in the middle of two brothers will good for her. I think she may have been too competitive if she had a younger sister. Now with a brother she can be Mama's little helper and play little mama to her baby brother....or maybe that's wishful thinking!

My Boogie man is go-go gadget machine and I have a hard time keeping up. It makes me nervous about having another active boy in the house. But I think we'll deal.  I'm also out of ideas for boy names. We haven't settled on anything. We had a hard time when we chose a name for our son the first time around. I have a ton of girl names, but boy names elude me.  So it might be last minute like Boogie was. I was pushing him out when my husband finally decided on a name for him. Yes, I left it up to my husband, and yes, I'm pretty happy with the result. We have just over three months to decide...

All is well and I'm grateful for a low-key weekend. We had plans to visit a petting farm with the kids and my husband's cousin and her family.  She suggested I take it easy and we canceled our outing.  I was really disappointed, but knew she was right. As a result I was able to take a nap, finish reading a book, and finish crocheting Buggy's birthday blanket. It was marvelous and all done in a reclining position with my feet up. Thanks, K. for giving me a day back to relax!  I got up every now and then to straighten the house before Sunday's Bible study, but whenever I got tired or thought it was too much I stopped. As a result I got more done, wasn't stressed out over the house, and of course got to do all the relaxing things that I rarely give myself permission to do.  It helped that Hubby did a bunch, also.  He prepared the food for the next day and was happy to see me asleep, reading, or crocheting. It saved him from telling me to sit.

I hope to hear the results of the sonogram this week. I hope to hear that the placenta has moved up and that I'm off restricted activities.  I'll keep ya posted. By the way...I'm 23 weeks and counting!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weight Woes

I had two separate appointments this week. I had a my usual monthly check up. So far so good, but they still think I need to rest more and drink more water. I'm not even They hooked me up for a while to check on contractions. They are still concerned. My husband is worried, and I'm sure that I'm in denial and I think that I can do more than I should. Don't worry, I am pulling back but it's a constant internal debate, "Can I do this, should I do this, what can I do instead?"

I also had a sonogram yesterday and I'll know the full results by next week. But when they do an internal exam to check your cervix, that's not a good thing...there were concerns that it's not closed all the way. Oh, boy....

I knew before I walked into the doctor's office that I had gained a lot of weight this month.  My doctor, who has never given me a hard time about weight brought it up this time around. Just for background, I was at my healthiest weight in over 5 years with this pregnancy. I had worked really hard eating well and exercising and had lost 25 pounds during the 6 months prior to becoming pregnant.  I had planned to continue going to the gym and eating healthily for this pregnancy.

However, it just so happens that this is the pregnancy where I'm not allowed to do anything. I'm not even allowed to take a light walk around the neighborhood. As a result I'm not at the gym and I've been off my feet more often than not at this rate. So as a result I gained 12 pounds this month. I know...Whoa!  I can see your eyes getting big!  Mine did too. Ugh!

It seems that my husband's fabulous chocolate chip, banana, walnut bread is just a little too good and eating that for breakfast everyday is not a good thing. Add to that the lack of exercise, well you'll be able to roll me to any location in the near future.  So I've gone back to checking my calories. Do not worry, I am not dieting! I'm just going back to eating healthier and watching what I'm consuming.  No to really, really yummy chocolate chip, banana walnut bread...yes, to something healthier.

If anyone has some yummy, healthy options/dishes/recipes to share. Please let me know!  Thanks :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday Schedule Revisited

So yesterday was a whirlwind. I have to say that I was happy that I wrote out my schedule.  It made me stay on task and get things done that I needed to get done with a few minor alterations like postponing lunch with my friend and taking Buggy to the doctor to find out that yes, she is getting yet another ear infection.  I did get a chance to sit for 20 minutes between folding a load of laundry and taking the kids to their dance lessons.  I almost didn't get up!

I thought I would crash soon after dinner, but while I was waiting for Boogie to finish his dance lesson (oh, by the way, we enrolled him in tap/jazz/ballet), I was working on Buggy's blanket while she watched a video on my ipod.  I lost a roll of yarn and come to find out I lost it in the lobby of the dance studio. Of course I didn't know that and after frantically searching the car and the house I went out to Michael's, the craft store, at 8 o'clock last night to pick up the last skein that I needed to complete her blanket.  I am so close to finishing her blanket and I just didn't want to stop.

I know that you think I'm crazy for running out of the house in the search for yarn instead of going to bed. But besides being on the go all day, the kids cried in surround sound all day.  They both had gotten up at 6:30am and were completely exhausted by 3pm. They were both able to get an hour nap before dance class, but I'm pretty sure both hated me at about 4:45 when I woke them up, got them dressed, and hustled them out the door by 4:56.  At various points in the day each of them cried at me, to me, and around me...sometimes at the same time.  So I made a break for it when Hubby took over and gave them their bath. I totally needed to get out of the house for some "me time." The store was so quiet, peaceful, and full of projects that I dream about doing some day, in my free time, you know when I'm like 60.  I also dreamed about making a run to Starbucks for a chai tea latte and time to read a book, by myself. Ah, how my "dreams" have changed since having kids ;)

Anyway, today will be a low key day and where I plan to spend as much time as I can in my pjs and let the kids play around me while I take it easy. Yes, I will shower and change because I have to take Boogie to school. But I'm pretty sure I'll be back in my pjs by 3:30pm ;)

By the way, it just so happened that shortly after I posted my schedule for the day, my friend Mandi from Life Your Way  wrote a post about tracking your time. It's an interesting idea, especially if you are wondering where all of your time goes in a day! Take a look at

I wish you all a peaceful day and a chance for you to find some "me time."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Schedule

So after talking to the OB on Monday and she said I had to keep taking it easy. Maybe even more so that I do. She recommended naps in the middle of the day when my little one naps and the my preschooler is in school.  She is also realistic and realizes that it just isn't that easy. She was happy that I changed my daughter's dance classes to an independent class and took the Mommy out of "Mommy and Me."

I think alright, I can do this. I really don't have a choice. And then I looked at today's schedule. Granted, I will be sitting for most of it, but I'm realizing that the prepping, driving, and being out of the house will take it's toll on me.  I wrote out my schedule last night so that I could have a timeline to help me get out of the house easier today.

Here it goes:

6:30--Quiet time/prayer
7:30--make kids lunch to eat while we're out between MOPs and preschool.
7:45--wake up kids & get them dressed. Breakfast.
8:00--Make skillet dish to bring to MOPs meeting
8:30--Make a slow cooker meal (Italian pork chops) because we'll be gone during dinner prep time tonight
8:45--brush teeth, get ready to leave, leave the house for MOPs
9:15-11:15--MOPs meeting (Mostly sitting and socializing)
11:15-12:30--feed kids lunch and let them play while waiting for school to start (at least MOPs and Preschool are in the same building).
12:30-2:30--lunch with a friend (sitting and eating)
2:30--Leave to pick up preschooler
3:00--pick up preschooler
3:30-4:30--home, put Buggy down for a nap, make sure all the dance class clothes/shoes are ready to go, prep a snack, clean house,
4:30--wake up Bug and get her ready for class. Get Boogie ready for class, turn on rice cooker
4:55--Go to class
5:15-6:45--sit and wait for kids' classes to finish, one after the other.
7:15--Come home, feed family (Hubby will probably take over from here)

After I wrote this all out, I realized that yeah I will be sitting for most of the activities, but it's the prepping that's gonna get me.  Seeing it all written out really shows me that I'm doing way too much.  So much I forgot to include breakfast for me!  For my dear friends who are watching out for me. Yes, now I see it. Yes, now I will modify. I really thought I was taking it easy, but this day is just gonna be a hard one. I promise to take it easy tomorrow as I have nothing on the agenda. NOTHING. Just taking the 4-year old to preschool. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

How does your day look?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Daddy Radar

I don't know about you, but I found that when I had children I didn't sleep as soundly at night. I was either listening for the monitor or I would jump at the slightest sound ready to spring into action as need be.  I still slept, and I still got my requisite 8 (okay, maybe 5 or 6) hours of sleep. But I did sleep.  I developed mommy radar. I think most parents do develop a radar system. You want to be sure that you hear your kids and that everything is okay.

My husband had radar, too, in the beginning. He would help when our oldest was an infant. He would get up with me and help me with diaper changes or getting us settled for nursing. In the first few days of our son's arrival my husband would actually get up and get our son from his crib and bring him to me in bed and I would nurse him. When I finished, he would bring our son back to his crib.

But I noticed that as time as wore on, and as I stayed home full-time with the kids my husband's "daddy radar"wasn't as in tune as it used to be.  Between the hours of midnight and 5:30am, my husband sleeps soundly. Very soundly.  If the kids got up at all for any reason he never notices.  He'll say something like, "Wow, the kids slept really well last night. They never got up once." But of course I was like a jack-in-the-box, changing a wet diaper, wet sheets, changing pull-ups, or helping someone go to the potty. He was always shocked when he heard of this.

However, with the doctor's orders to stay put and to stay off my feet more and more, I noticed that Hubby's radar is kicking back into action. Just the other night our daughter called for me. I started to get up and he put a hand on my arm and said, "I'll get her."  Whoa! What just happened? Did he actually hear her? Yes.

We had our friends' one year old daughter staying with us on Saturday night.  She woke up and he heard her and got up to attend to her.  He did stop when she stopped crying, went to the bathroom, came back to our room and asked, "What was I doing?" Since she had stopped crying I told him to come back to bed. He made a valiant effort and his radar still needs some work, but it's coming back!

I'm really grateful for his help. I know that this hasn't been easy for him to start taking over some of the things that I usually do around the house. But he's been doing everything without complaint. I have been sleeping a little better now that his radar is kicking in. He feels better that I'm not jumping out of bed and everything is getting better. By the way, I'm 22 weeks along and on the downhill run....whew!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Two days ago I read a post from my friend Mandi at Life Your Way. I loved it so much that I have to share it with you.  Check out her post on motherhood and see if doesn't give you some perspective:

I needed this right now as I (continuously) struggle to balance time with my kids, household chores, and my never ending to-do list.  If I was a working mom instead of a stay-at-home mom I guarantee that things would be even more chaotic at home. For you working mothers, I applaud you!  I decided to stay home because I couldn't give 100% to my job and to my family and I had to make a choice. My kids won out and so did I!

Even though I'm home full-time I still struggle to find that balance of keeping my house in order, doing things with my kids, and finding ways to knock things off my to-do list. Reading Mandi's post on motherhood reminds  me that for every one thing I'm doing, I'm choosing to doing something else. Of course my house will be a little crazy and imperfect if I'm running around taking the kids to outings, playdates, and classes/lessons.  Of course the house would be better if I decided to devote all of my time to my house and not spend as much time doing fun things with the kids.  So I do a little of both and neither is perfect but it's still good.

My house is clean enough that if people were to stop by they are not horrified. My kids are well-rounded enough that if I don't do another class or outing or lesson they will be just fine. I needed that perspective and that reminder. Thanks, Mandi.

It helps that I have incredible support system with my wonderful Hubby and our friends and family. I have to remember I'm never doing it alone. Someone is always giving me a hand when I need it most. Thanks, Honey, I love you! Thanks, Friends! Just knowing your there is enough to keep me going :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Time with Mama

Last night, I took Bug to her final "Mommy and Me" dance class.  Even though she did just fine on her own the night before in the baby beginner combo class, she was clamoring for attention. She tried to get me to pick her up (which I can't per doctor's orders), she climbed into my lap, and wanted to hold my hand for the routines.  Boogie sat on the sidelines and after watching "Dinosaur Train" on the ipod. When I went to check on him, he grabbed me, hugged me and didn't want to let me go. He was "lonely" watching all by himself.

The last few days, Buggy has been waking up from bedtime and naps with tears and calling for me. When Hubby gets her ready for bed or if he is the one to get her up in the morning, she fusses and begs for Mommy. Boogie has been asking for more snuggle time with Mommy before bedtime.

It appears that with each passing day and as my belly gets larger and larger, my kids are (and maybe in Buggy's case unconsciously) realizing that their time with me (as they currently know it) is up.  Soon there will be another sibling to contend with Mommy will be spreading herself between three children and not just the two.

Boogie knows what he's in for. After sharing with us the possibility of giving his younger sister away (and no, it wasn't even a consideration) he has resigned himself to the fact that yes, Buggy is here, and she is here to stay.  He's knows what's coming next with the new baby.

Buggy, on the other hand is still enamored with the idea of a big sister, but will be in for a shocker when she realizes that Mommy won't be able to come running when she calls because inevitably Mommy will be nursing a newborn and won't be able to juggle  a very mobile two year old and a newborn at one time.

So I am trying to spend as much time with my two wonderful children before the baby arrives. I know that sounds silly because I'm already a stay-at-home mom. But I'm looking for ways to spend time doing things with each of them. Yesterday, Boogie and I spent time building towers out of blocks while Buggy played by herself in her room. This morning, Buggy and I snuggled on the couch enjoying the quiet of the morning before Boogie woke up. She and I covered ourself with blankets and sat quietly while I held her.  It was really nice.

I'm enjoying this little bit of extra attention that I'm getting from the kids. Before I know it, the baby will be here, Boogie will start kindergarten, and Buggy will be dancing all by herself and won't need Mama to hold her hand. Life moves too fast and I will make sure we enjoy the time we have!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


After yesterday's post about my son wanting to try dance classes I decided to contact the dance teacher to discuss options.  Last night Boogie tried a Jazz/tap/ballet combo and on Saturday he will try a hip hop class.  I will let him choose from there and also get some feedback from the teacher about what she thinks is best.  I've decided that if he really wants to dance, then he can. But this also means we might have to say no to soccer for a while, because Mama has a rule about one activity per season. With two kids doing at least one activity and another one on the way, I can only do so much carting around.

I didn't watch his entire lesson, but what I saw seemed pretty good. He had on his listening ears and I could tell that he was really trying to focus and concentrate on what he was doing. He waited his turn and truly tried to master the steps. I was really proud of him. I think his favorite part of class was the jazz session.  He kept showing me one of the moves. The best part, though, was when he told me he was tired on the way home. Score. He had worked hard.  We'll see how it goes on Saturday.

Buggy had a make-up class because she missed a class a few weeks ago. There wasn't a "Mommy and Me" class last night, but there was a baby beginner combo. Same class, just without the mommies.  I think she was a little nervous at first, but she she was excited about it. I peeked in on her a couple of times through the window and she seemed to be following along. I think her being with older kids, without Mama, was a really good thing. I think she was more willing to try on her own.  The two teachers in the room were great and helped her with the moves and someone was always next to her or holding her hand to give her help when she needed it. She was very excited when she was finished. As a result I've decided to switch her from the "Mommy and Me" class to the "Baby Beginner Combo." This is good all around. It will give her some independence and give her exposure to a group setting. It also helps to keep Mama off her feet for a little while longer.

So here's to dancing like no one is watching!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gender Equality

When Hubby and I had kids we decided that we wanted our children to be exposed to and try out for sports and at least one fine art.  Hubby played lacrosse and football in high school and I ran track and cross country. So having them try out a sport was no big deal. As for the fine arts, my Hubby is a fabulous artist and we have some of his art work displayed in the house.  As for me, I can play a tune or two on the piano. We wanted our kids to have the same opportunities.

When my daughter wanted to play soccer when she was 18 months old, I had no qualms about signing her up for a class.  She had watched her brother play and would often walk onto the field to try to join him. I spent many classes stepping over the barrier and capturing my toddler before she got in the middle.  She loved her soccer classes and she was pretty good at it.  Later I signed her up for swimming classes. Now she is enrolled in dance classes and she loves it.

My son has been involved in soccer, t-ball, and swimming.  Of the three, swimming is his favorite.  Right now we don't have any classes for him.  The soccer class that we tried to sign up for fell through so now he is without an activity. Which is fine, because he is in school 4 half days a week and that's quite a bit for now. However, now that Buggy is dance class, he desperately wants to be in a class, too.

So here is the issue, he wants to take dance classes, too.  It shouldn't be an issue, right? Boys and girls should be given the same opportunity, right?  His only exposure to dance classes right now are his sister's tap and ballet class.  So he wants to do tap and ballet. Yes, there is a class for him and yes, boys do take classes. Except there is only one other boy in a class and the class doesn't fit into our schedule.  I hesitate and I hate that I hesitate to put him in a class.

Last week there was a father who took his daughter to Buggy's class. He also had a son watching from the sidelines.  Because Boogie desperately wanted to join the action, he was given permission to try the class to make sure that this is what he wanted to do.  The other boy (maybe a year older) was also given permission to join the class. Now, while Boogie joined the class, I did not make any disparaging remarks to him. I let him try the class and encouraged him to use his listening ears. If he could not follow directions, he would have to leave.  He listened.

The other parent on the other hand made the following remarks to his son:
"Don't hold the umbrella like a girl (one of the props). Hold it like a man. Like a golf club or baseball bat."
 "You're enjoying this class a little too much."
 "Don't do it like a girl"
"I'm worried that you're having too much fun"

I was a little frustrated because I didn't want Boogie to overhear it and have negative thoughts about dance class. If he wants to take part in dance class, then I want him to be in dance class.  I want it to be his choice and not to be influenced by others. Fortunately, he seems to be pretty oblivious to other's thoughts about things like that. Phew.

While I'll encourage him to try class if that's what he wants to do, I think tap and ballet may be too tame for him. This kid has a lot of energy. Maybe a hip hop class instead?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Proverbs 31 (Part IV)

Reading Proverbs 31 has put things in perspective for me. When I started reading it, I was comparing myself to this amazing woman in the Bible and feeling like I don't measure up.  But then as I started to write about it, I realized that I completely measure up and I do it in my own way.  Sometimes when it feels like I can't do enough, I realize that I'm already doing quite a bit.  Yay, for perspective!  Often my friends will tell me that I'm too hard on myself. And they're probably right. I chalk it up to my Type-A personality. But as this pregnancy is showing me, it's okay to let things go and focus on what's important.  For me, it's my family and growing this new baby.  Initially I cringed when I realized that I couldn't keep up with my former schedule and that my house would look like a tornado hit it. I am grateful that the friends who have dropped by recently have turned a blind a to the craziness of my house. Thanks, friends :)

I think this is the last posting on Proverbs 31. Let's dive in...

25 She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.
  ---I strive for strength and dignity on a daily basis and try not to let the small things get me down. It's hard some days.  My goal is to laugh more often. I feel that a good chuckle helps to relieve a lot of stress. My husband often says that no one makes him laugh that I do.

26  She speaks with wisdom, an faithful instruction is on her tongue.
  ---I try, especially with my children. I realize that I'm their first teacher in life and I do my best to prepare them for what's to come ahead. I am also grateful for the other women in my life (family and friends) who are available to give me advice on a bunch of things...child illnesses, parenting, friendship, etc. and for that I am grateful.

27 She watches over the affairs of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.
    ---I am definitely the primary cruise director for our family. I schedule, schedule, schedule. But lately, I'm starting to put a few holes in our schedule that so that we have family time and it's been pretty wonderful. Oh, how I wish that I didn't partake of the bread of idleness as often as I do. I think it's hard. I'm easily distracted (hello, ADD) and don't always get things accomplished. But I do my best and I always carry around my trusty lists ;)

28  Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.
   ---When I was working full-time I felt that all I did was work and I was failing miserably as a parent.  I had a conversation with someone one time and I said, "I do not want to have on my gravestone...worked long hours and tirelessly at her job.  Instead I would much rather have, 'loving wife and mother' and know that is what I was good at and that is what I would be known for, even if only to my own family.  My prayer everyday is that I can be the type of wife and mother that God wants me to be.  I want to have a solid relationship with my husband and my children and I think we are well on our way. Praise God!

Thanks for joining me in my journey through Proverbs 31. I hope that as you look at your life that you see all the wonderful things that you do on a daily basis.  I am in awe and inspired by you. Thank you for the encouragement and the inspiration. Have a peaceful day!